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Our leadership programs cover the following areas;

01. Self discovery with the 5 voices system by GiANT Worldwide

The 5 Voices System is a personality assessment developed by GiANT Worldwide.

The 5 Voices System helps employees gain invaluable insight into their own minds and personalities. They learn how certain elements of their personalities affect their professional interactions and also how to leverage their strengths and preferences to succeed.

Equipped with the knowledge of what drives their preferences and behaviors, employees find new clarity in their decisions and in how they work.

The 5 Voices System also gives businesses insight into the work situations and activities that motivate employees. Companies can subtly adjust environments and assignments so they can inspire the best performance from employees.

From human resource onboarding for new employees to advanced levels of job training, all employee development opportunities can be enhanced when employees have awareness and understanding of their Leadership Voice.

02. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is instrumental to an individual’s interpersonal success. It is a critical driver of career performance, accounting for over half of the factors that influence a person’s job success.

This training gives employees the priceless gift of self-awareness. They’ll understand in what ways they need to improve their empathy and even regulate their own behaviors. They’ll enjoy closer, more meaningful, collaborations, and relationships as they make positive modifications to their daily interactions.

By training employees to be more emotionally intelligent, organizations benefit in turn with optimal performance across all their teams and departments.

03. Maximizing Leadership Influence

Leadership is about influence. The ability to influence is an essential leadership skill. Influence refers to the ability or capacity of a leader to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of those they lead.
A leader’s ability to have influence is based on Trust. The influence of a leader expands in proportion to the amount of Trust that exists in the relationships they have with those they lead.

This training provides leaders with a framework that they can use to continuously establish, grow, preserve and rebuild trust in all their circles of influence.

04. Liberating Leadership

There are many styles of leadership. However, from experience, Liberating Leadership is, we dare say, the best kind of leadership there is.

A liberating leader is a leader that is worth following, not one that people have to follow.

This training provides a structure on how to Become a leader worth following, Build leaders worth following and Lead leaders worth following.

As a leader you can’t give what you don’t possess. This training is modeled to ensure that as a leader, you are able to liberate yourself first, so then, you can liberate those that you lead.

Liberating; Providing a release which limits freedom of thought or behavior

05. Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture tramps a great strategy any day. As Peter Drucker said, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’

The culture of your organization will always determine success no matter how effective the strategy is.

This training provides your leadership with the following to aid in the creation of a healthy organizational culture;
i. An objective, common and viral leadership language
ii. Simple practical and scaleable visual tools to help navigate leadership and management challenges
iii. Tools for personal growth of leaders and those they lead
iv. Tools for intentional transfer of skills, perspectives , knowledge and techniques from your leaders to those they lead.

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